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Serena Ball, MS, RD

Serena BallBased in Chicago, registered dietitian Serena Ball is a Partner at Teaspoon Communications and specializes in nutrition communication with a culinary twist. She is a nutrition spokesperson and an experienced writer. Her culinary-focused work has appeared in consumer magazines, health professional publications, web sites and social marketing tools. Serena has worked in public relations for over a decade – helping the media get the nutrition story straight.

Serena assists a variety of food companies with getting their messages to consumers in a tasteful and effective manner. She is skilled in helping clients strategize effective communication tools such as blogs, social networks, e-newsletters, Web sites and consumer events.

Serena serves on the board of directors of a variety of state and national dietetics groups. Previously as director of communication for the dairy industry, she took pleasure in leading the media, chefs and civilian cheese-lovers on culinary tours of the New England artisanal cheeses and cheesemakers.

Serena earned her undergraduate degree at Concordia College, Minnesota; completed a dietetic internship at Massachusetts General Hospital and earned a master of science in nutrition communication at Tufts University. And while growing up on a ranch in Montana, Serena learned to appreciate cooking by helping her parents take their food from the field to the plate.

Serena continues to search out Illinois cheesemakers with her husband and four children. She encourages everyone to try a new recipe or flavor every week.