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Teaspoon Communications is a food-first, nutrition communications group with a base of strong science. We are registered dietitians who specialize in nutrition messaging with a culinary focus. We are stirring up our talents, skills and experiences to provide customized services for our clients.

We can keep you on America’s plate.

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#HealthyKitchenHacks: How to Keep Lettuce Crisp, How to Quickly Cut Hearty Greens, Keep Asparagus Fresher Longer, What To Do With Leftover Herbs, All Natural Shamrock Shake via @tspbasil @teaspoonofspice

Healthy Kitchen Hacks is a weekly series on Teaspoon of Spice. We share fellow bloggers’ and our own favorite cooking shortcuts, kitchen tricks and “aha” ideas for making healthy meals a snap. Welcome to this week’s Healthy Kitchen Hacks, which I’m (Deanna) calling the green version as spring is coming this month (along with spring […]

7 Easy & Tasty Ways To Enjoy Leftover Cabbage...beyond cole slaw! |

Easy and delicious ways to use leftover cabbage beyond cole slaw. Now that it’s March, here’s hoping you’re seeing a bit more green. Such as: Green grass. But not in my backyard. (See photo at bottom of post!) St. Patrick’s Day decorations. Although I saw them displayed them a month ago right along side Valentine’s Day chocolate. Green […]